Selling services

As a service oriented company, we are an excellent choice for aiding in the selling of your coins, from whole collections to single items.

Our recommended selling method is a “consignment on commission” basis. As such, the consignor receives the amount for which each item sells, less the negotiated commission. This way, the process is completely transparent and easy to calculate, even for customers with little to no numismatic knowledge.

Our reasonable rates allow the highest possible return for the consignor, and include every step of production—from input and photography, to cataloging and shipping. Additionally, we strive for a swift sales process so that your coins may be presented as quickly as possible, guaranteeing a speedy remittance of the proceeds.

If you wish to sell with us through our venues, please contact us via the provided contact form. As condition and appearance are very important, please include any images that you may have, as they will aid in our ability to form a stronger preliminary opinion and assessment about your material.

We very much look forward to assisting you in this process, through email or a phone call, or even a visit in person!